Public Administration and Health

Public Administration

BV TECH has the expertise to support process and services innovation, as a result of many years of experience in assisting the Government in its evolution and in relevant projects implementation, including research, civil justice world, transportation, environment, industry, safety and health.


The changing needs and the need for a sustainable economic system require new tools to support the organizational structure that can consolidate the shift of care from the hospital to the territory pursuing a new welfare, able on one hand to help avoiding wastage, duplication and lack of accountability, on the other hand promote the growth of the economic and social system, generating employment opportunities.

In Italy there are more than 12mln of seniors with life expectancy calculated at 77.8 years for men and 83.7 for women. About 80% of the total, more or less 10mln of people, is a carrying at least two chronic diseases that require permanent care by the SSN (Source: ISTUD). The treatment and care cost for the population with at least one chronic disease is about the 70% of the national health expenditure (Source: I-Com).

BV TECH is currently engaged in preparing a proposal for a national initiative to monitor and control chronicity costs through close cooperation between the Regions and the Ministry based on a control room that normalizing, comparing and measuring the regional initiatives of excellence, identifies a set of best practices and models of health care management to ensure the best suitability, efficiency and effectiveness in the area of Health.

BV TECH also pursues research projects with the use of Business Intelligence and Data Mining subservient to the concept of Evidence-based Medicine, to support the clinical processes change.

It recently created a platform called BV4Health which is unique on the market, combining the support of the care management aspects in the territory with the clinical collection of vital signs and environmental monitoring.

The group’s companies have been for years engaged in the specific world of Public Administration and Health, so they have acquired competencies in processes, design, implementation and continuous innovation of Regional Information Systems, even with the cooperation of primary national and international players.

In particular, the BV TECH group has been working on the following main processes:

  • Regional Services Card and Population Regional Registry;
  • Electronic Health Record, integration with the SSR actors, dematerialization;
  • Pathology networks;
  • SAR Qualification (Disease Certificates and Electronic Prescription start);
  • Administrative Compliance with central entities (MEF, etc.);
  • DWH evolutions in major regional areas;
  • Control tools design to support Government spending;
  • Projects aimed to simplify the citizen relationship (prosthetic, vaccinations, civil service, cancer screening, occupational diseases, …) and the business relationship (fund management, simplified forms, systems for agriculture, environment and civil protection);
  • Prescription – Provision – Reporting and unified regional booking;
  • Public housing.